🚀 Apple's Jaw-Dropping Surprises Revealed! iPhone 15 Zoom Revolution, Secret Watch Features, and More!


The Apple Wonderlust event is scheduled for September 12 at 10:30 PM IST. Prior to this highly anticipated Apple event, Aayush Ailawadi of Tech Today had engaging conversations with prominent tech experts, Michael Josh, the Chief Content Officer at GadgetMatch, and Nishant Padhiar, the Editor of Stuff India, to gain insights into what to anticipate from the event.

Apple's Jaw-Dropping Surprises Revealed! iPhone 15 Zoom Revolution, Secret Watch Features, and More!

Discussing the anticipated enhancements in the iPhone 15 series for this year, Padhiar expressed his excitement, stating, "We are eagerly awaiting significant Zoom improvements. I'm particularly thrilled about the Pro models offering a 6X Zoom, as indicated by the rumors. Apple has been lagging behind Samsung in terms of Zoom quality, and I believe they will address this issue with the iPhone 15 Pro, possibly incorporating a periscope lens."

In addition to this, Apple is expected to introduce the second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. In this regard, Josh highlighted that the existing Apple Watch Ultra already boasts impressive features that provide comprehensive insights into one's physical and sleep health. He remarked, "I anticipate that the next update for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 may not focus on groundbreaking improvements in battery life or display, which are already outstanding. Instead, it might emphasize integration with other Apple products or variables."

Josh further added, "There are even rumors of an action button coming to the iPhone, allowing users to start and stop runs with the press of a button. Having a programmable button on the iPhone or smaller Apple watches could be a great addition."

Earlier this year, Apple introduced its first mixed reality headset at WWDC. Discussing this development, Padhiar noted, "It's been nearly five months since we first saw the prototypes and working models of the Vision Pro. The demonstrations were truly remarkable, with some experiences deemed too challenging to showcase in a standard 2D format on laptops or TVs. These were the kinds of experiences we could enjoy when wearing the Vision Pro ourselves."

Josh suggested that Apple should provide consumers with an opportunity for an early experience with the Vision Pro to make informed decisions before purchase. He suggested, "Apple should consider allowing customers to schedule a demo at an Apple Store. This way, the public can book a slot, visit the store, and try it out. People need to see and feel it firsthand, especially when considering a $3,000 investment in a new gadget."

Regarding major announcements this year, Josh believes Apple may not unveil anything groundbreaking beyond the rumored devices. However, Padhiar speculates that Apple's "one more thing" could be the second generation of the AirPods Pro Max headset, initially launched in 2020.

With the launch of the Google Pixel 8 series set for October 5, these phones are considered potential rivals to iPhones. Josh commented, "Pixels are excellent devices and have a strong following, particularly within the tech community. However, despite Google's increased marketing efforts for the Pixel and Pixel Fold in 2023, it may not be sufficient to challenge Apple's dominance."

When asked about the possibility of Apple's iPhone models becoming more affordable due to the company's increased focus on manufacturing in India and opening new stores, Padhiar explained, "It involves the entire supply chain. Those in the luxury and tech industries are aware that raw component and material prices, as well as distribution costs, have surged over the last 2-3 years. While Apple typically buffers its prices to mitigate currency devaluation, we may not witness significant price changes in the new models. However, older models could see a notable 20-25% price drop."


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